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Interview with Creative Director of Mucho Design - Marc Català | Barcelona

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

This time we got the chance to go down the rabbit hole with Marc Català, creative director of Mucho - an international design studio that's been present on the market for 19 years.

Operating from San-Francisco, New-York, Paris, Barcelona and Sydney, today Mucho has six departments and about 30 to 40 active design teams.

Over the years they have worked with brands such as Apple, Balenciaga, Carolina Herrera, Martin Margiela and more.

We had a truly meaningful chat with Marc, going over the concept change and strategy development for mass and luxury markets, talked about recognition for graphic designers, ideas that can't be owned, graphic design agencies imagined as fashion houses, the question of product value and, finally, future of graphic design in the world of design.

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